Water Softener Installation

Water Softener Installation

Cleaner Dishes Are Just a Phone Call Away

water softener installationHave you ever unloaded your dishwasher to find that your dishes weren’t completely clean? Believe it or not, the issue could be your water. Nation Plumbing offers water softener installation in Converse and surrounding NE San Antonio so that your dishes can get a better clean. We also offer water softener repair to get your current system as good as new.

Water softeners can help to reduce the metal content in your water, reducing wear and tear on your plumbing fixtures, save money on electricity, soap and detergents. Call Nation Plumbing for water softener installation services in NE San Antonio.


Why install a water softener?

The most common signs of hard water are spotting on your dishes, calcium build up on your faucet spouts and film on your shower tiles.  Our water softener installation comes with a number of benefits that you’ll notice. We recommend getting one installed because:

  • It makes your skin softer and your hair smoother
  • It helps you save money on energy bills
  • It makes your clothes last longer and feel softer

Hard water is not dangerous but it does have a compounding negative affect on your plumbing and your body. Prolonged build up of these minerals on your plumbing system is akin to having clogged arteries, which can cause serious plumbing problems if left unchecked. These mineral deposits also collect in the bottom your water heater. This lowers the gallon capacity of the heater causing it to have to heat more frequently adding to your electric bill. It also causes premature failure of the heater.

How does hard water affect you?

If you have hard water in Converse, TX you are using more soap and detergent to get clean. Hard water lathers poorly. Not such a big deal one may think. Do you have dry skin or acne? Serious skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema have been linked to hard water. High mineral content clogs pores and causes soap to wash poorly. One of the first things that our customers always say is that they feel like their skin is silky and soft after a water softener is installed. The silky feeling is your skins natural oil that the minerals were robbing. It has been said that hard water makes us look older due to its’ ability to dry out our skin and hair. Do you color your hair? Hard water also pulls the hair color from your hair. Often people with color treated hair believe that their hair color is making their hair brittle or damaged when it is actually their water.

You’ll love our water softener because it has cosmetic and practical benefits that will make your life easier. Call now to discover if a water softener is right for your Converse home.  To schedule an appointment or learn more about water softener installation, call Nation Plumbing at 210-281-4245. We can help you decide what kind of water softener is best for your home.

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