Protect Your Kitchen Sink with These Tips

We can all feel them coming: the holidays. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the many holidays packed into December, everyone’s calendar is already getting full. And if you are hosting any gatherings in the coming months, the last thing you need is a sink full of standing water.

Encountering a clogged kitchen sink when your loved ones are on their way to you home is the worst feeling. So, how do you avoid this experience? Your first line of defense is prevention, as in knowing what to avoid doing so your drains remain clear.

When prevention isn’t enough (everyone’s kitchen sink clogs eventually), the second line of defense is calling a professional for help with your plumbing in Converse, TX.

Making a last-minute emergency call to a plumber is something that we all would like to avoid. So, what methods are best to protect your kitchen sink and avoid needing last-minute repairs? Read on to find out!

How Do I Help My Sink?

There are several preventative measures that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help keep your kitchen sink unclogged. Using these methods will reduce the risk that you will need frequent plumbing repairs, keeping your holiday season stress-free…mostly.

Don’t Wash Grease Down the Drain

Whether it is the byproduct of cooked beef, bacon, chicken or even a coconut, grease can create a huge issue for your drain. It will coat the drainpipe and build up, eventually clogging it completely. When you have grease with nowhere to go, pour it into a milk carton or a jar that is already headed for the trash instead.

Throw Away Your Coffee Grounds

Similarly to grease, coffee grounds should be thrown out instead of washed away. This material can also get stuck in your pipes and create a barrier for water. Interestingly enough, a multitude of plumbers agree that coffee grounds are one of the most likely sources of a kitchen sink clog!

Screen Your Kitchen Sink Drain

Food scraps offer a risk of forming a blockage in your kitchen sink. You can avoid this more easily by placing a small screen over your drain opening to catch any food scraps before they make their getaway. Once the screen is covered, throw the debris away!

Run Hot Water After Use

Especially if grease or oil end up getting washed down the drain, make sure to let some hot – as hot as it can get – water run down the drain after you use it. This helps to reduce the amount of grease or oils that might build up in the drain as it keeps these materials moving.

Get a Professional to Clean Your Pipes

Maintenance is the best preventative medicine. Having a professional come by once or twice a year to clean your drains and check all of your kitchen piping will keep things running as smoothly as possible. Additionally, a plumbing professional will be able to catch any potential repairs that need to be addressed before they become a bigger issue.

If your plumbing needs proper care, it is good to call Nation Plumbing experts 210-281-4245 for help sooner rather than later!